Monday, April 13, 2009

Your Intrepid Tulip Tracker

My office is conveniently located near many well groomed public and private Greenwich Village gardens. There is nothing like getting a little sushi for lunch before taking a tour of the ever-changing blooms in the 'hood. I wanted to bring you along with me, so I popped my trusty Lumix in my gigantic purse and hugged some chain link fences to get these pics. 

A bit bashful about their early arrival, the first tulips on the scene do their best to blend in to the daffodils already at the party.

Meanwhile at NYU, even the tulips are precocious.

This one definitely goes to Tisch.


Nicole said...

this flower is a beautiful! im gonna follow you

sevprez said...

awesome nicole!
good to have you aboard!

Kaitlyn said...

Definately a product of Tisch!

kerstins blogg said...

Fina bilder