Monday, May 18, 2009

Tri Tri Again

This weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Mr. SevPrez to his first triathlon since his knee surgery last spring. He has put in countless hours of rehab and training since then, so it was a great day for the SevPrez family to see all that hard work, commitment, and sweat pay off in the form of a successfully completed race and -- wait for it -- third place in his age group! What a stud!

The race was in Hammonton, New Jersey, on the Western border of the Pine Barrens. It's not a very glamorous race, as triathlons go. There is no booming rock music playing at the start and few spectators on the course. It brings out a tough crowd of gung-ho triathletes seizing the opportunity to tuneup before the race season really gets going. And there were some serious cyclists there: more than one Lance Armstrong-style Time Trial helmet and countless bikes that cost upwards of $6000. As the racer with the fancy bike next to Mr. SevPrez said after the race, these bikes buy you minutes. I commented privately that these bikes must have been bought in the boom-times (before the onset of The Great Recession), to which Mr. SevPrez replied, these are 2009 models. Yowza.

I quickly escorted him out of there before either one of us decided he needed an equipment upgrade. 'Cause hey, the proof's in the pudding -- he could race well on my old puple 10-speed Huffy.

We'll be at the Metroman, the Timberman, and the Bassman this year, if you're interested in participating or spectating. Bring your cowbell.


Peggy D. said...

Way to go, Kris! We're working out a way to be in New Hampshire this summer to cheer for you.

Mark Bonj said...

Kris, Very impressive. Even more impressive is that you accomplished this and that it didn't come into conversation at the party on Sunday; I would have been handing out news notices. Nice job !

mbike666 said...

Good job Kris!

Erin said...

Wowzers. Someday I'll race to win and not just finish. ;)