Tuesday, June 23, 2009

17 Mile Drive

After I arrived in Berkeley Friday night and caught up with my old roommate over a bottle of California white, Saturday morning we were off to Monterey and Pebble Beach, or more specifically, the road inbetween, 17 Mile Drive. We drove amidst the cypress trees, golf courses, and mansions that are probably only inhabited for a month a year. We took lots of pictures, and dreamed of being rich.

On Route 1, heading South. California is such an advertisement for itself. I felt compelled to shout "I'm in California!" several times a day.

Our first stop on the rocky coast. My roommate looking mysterious, befitting the weather.

Winding through the Cypress Forest.

The Lone Cypress.

The Ghost Tree.

It was utterly fabulous. Post to follow about Spanish Bay Inn, one of the Pebble Beach resorts on the route. Stay tuned.