Friday, November 6, 2009

Postcards For No Reason

I just went on a postcard sending spree and I'd like to officially recommend it to everyone. It made me feel so good inside, picturing my friends opening up their mailboxes and finding my messages amidst a pile of bills and unwanted solicitations. And I really love the collection of postcards I sent -- Nikki McClure's "Take Care" collection for Chronicle Books. 

Nikki makes the coolest stuff by cutting elaborate designs out of a single piece of paper. Talk about "exacting." (Those of you with a self-healing cutting board will get that one.) And because her work is such a labor of love, each piece has a message and  a lot of soul. I had a good time matching up the folks in my life to each image.

Nikki's work appears on a few other products -- children's books, wall calendars, and notepads to name a few. You can see all of her stuff, including her original prints (!) here. My favorite image from the postcards -- a black cat with bird in mouth -- was too inappropriate to send to anyone and so I gladly kept for myself. It's also available on a notepad for $3. You can't beat it. 

If I can find more exciting postcard sets I'd like to keep this mass mailing up. One day I'll even the score with all my very thoughtful friends who manage to have both stamps and addresses with them when they vacation. 

And to those recipients out there, scattered across the country, check your mailboxes!


Peggy D. said...

As the recipient of such an unexpected post card, thank you! It made me smile. What more can you ask of the day? (And I do travel with stamps and my address book, so watch your mailbox!)

blankinbehl said...

as another stamp/address traveler as you well know, i was so happy to receive the postcard! i am an avid postcarder, i wouldn't have it any other day. beware, mailboxes.

sevprez said...

you two are definitely top on the list of people who make my fridge very, very happy.