Friday, February 5, 2010

Dusting Off The Beret

Those of you who know me well know that I grew up worshipping Picasso and wanting to be a painter when I grew up. I took art lessons in elementary school and continued to paint on my own up until high school. I painted canvases, tables, shoes, knobs, and my dad's old Led Zep records (without asking for permission, sorry Dad!), basically anything that was plain and seemed to call out for personal embellishment. 

Once I went to college I got more and more into collage, probably because construction paper, magazines, glue sticks, and scissors are much more portable (and cheap). But painting has always been something that I periodically think I should pick up again -- not that I was ever all that good, just that it was something that I really enjoyed doing.

After considering several adult ed classes at SVA and various other art institutions in New York, it occurred to me that I do not actually need someone to assist me in my painting. Except for maybe a friend -- someone to get excited about it with me and also force me to set a date to do it. I remembered that one of my favorite people on earth is actually an art therapist, and a very intrepid traveller, meaning that she probably wouldn't mind hopping on a NJ Transit train and coming to visit me for a day of artsiness.* And low and behold, that day is tomorrow! Mr. SevPrez is away, so it we will have full reign on the house, our messes, and our marathon stories full of sidetracks (men have a lower tolerance for these). Who knows, maybe I will even work out some deep seeded issues with her assistance! 

Inspired by Maira Kalman's chosen medium (learn more about her process here), I picked up a primary mixing set of Holbein Artists' Gouache at Dick Blick's (formerly The Art Store). I also got a cobalt blue (I remember it as a real staple from my acrylic days), silver, and gold (because I love Klimt?). 

I actually had to consult with someone who studied fine art in college to ask if I was being conned by the CMYK set. In a world of burnt sienna, raw umber, and cobalt blue, it's not something I expected to exist. But being that I have spent the past seven years of my life ensconced in Quark's CMYK color world, I am kind of an expert on mixing colors that way. My art aficionado thought it was actually a very cool thing. So we will see how it goes. 

Not sure what I will be painting yet, but I have been thinking about maybe Rufus on one of my magnificent yellow chairs. Full report next week.

*I'm hoping her super-intrepidness is not tested by a blizzard, don't get me started with the weather this year!


Kaitlyn said...

I took oil painting classes at the 92nd St. Y (I also took a Spanish class and SCUBA class). Can't say enough good things about classes at the Y. Great deals.

Have fun this weekend. Wish I could be there with you both.

sevprez said...

my writing class at the Y was the pits, but i'd be willing to try it again. i think if i do take another adult ed class though, i'll try to do it on a weekend in nj. less schlepping!

miss you too!

Tulipop said...

i had a month long countdown to our painting play-date! That was a seriously fun day. much love!