Friday, April 2, 2010

Sharing A Poem: Welcome Spring

Loved this poem from the Writer's Almanac and had to pass it along and give thanks for living on the East Coast, where we have four seasons and spotting spring flora is a spiritual experience.

The Saints of April
by Todd Davis

Coltsfoot gives way to dandelion,
plum to apple blossom. Cherry fills
our woods, white petals melting
like the last late snow. Dogwood's
stigmata shine with teh blood
of this season. How holy
forsythia and redbud are
as they consume their own
flowers, green leaves running
down their crowns. Here is
the shapeliness of bodies
newly formed, the rich cloth
that covers frail bones and hides
roots that hold fervently
to this dark earth.

-For Jack Ridl

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