Monday, February 7, 2011

If You Are Papering Your Walls

You may want to check out Trustworth Studios. Wallpaper's not really my thing (various shades of grey are as bold as I'm willing to go with walls in my current house), but if it was, I'd be all over these historical reproductions.
This one's called The Three Men of Gotham c. 1889 
Four and Twenty

Bat and Poppy c. 1897

Alice in Wonderland c.1930 (!!)

My parents, who are redoing their kitchen, have been on a months long hunt to find the perfect wall paper to compliment their 1930s tile and new yet retro style kitchen. They are loving me for finding this company, and I'm loving swooping in and saving the day!

My mom reports that the fine people at Trustworth will scale the wallpaper to whatever size you want, and match the background color to any paint or tile chip you provide. Amazing service!

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