Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby Shower Highlight Reel

Animal print dress! Thanks H&M.

Paging Don Draper. The shower was at my brothers' office in Downtown Asbury Park.

My only decor request: Marble balloons. Aren't they so great?!

My partner in crime made Grandma's crumb cake! This was the plate I took home. I discouraged guests from eating it by penalty of death. Actually, they were just distracted by Amanda's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Amazing favors by Karen V. Remember the ones she made for my mom's birthday?

How cute is my husband, if I do say so myself!?

And the award for best gift goes to... Emily, for finding an Ira Glass finger puppet! This American Life just got that much better.


Anonymous said...

Happiness is- new posts on SevPres!
Miss you girl Have that baby!

emilyd said...

yeah, have that baby! and glad you liked Ira, I spent a good ten minutes debating whether it was a totally ridiculous or totally awesome gift...