Monday, April 30, 2012


It's incredible how soon you forget things. My little one turned nine months yesterday, and I had to consult my dad's Facebook timeline to factcheck my memory that she started crawling at 8 months. This morning, after a rough couple of days, one of her top teeth finally broke through the gum to join her two bottom ones. The other one is probably close behind, but I'm hoping this affords us a day or two of regular naps.

She also started talking to us. The other day she said "Da" when I pointed to her dad in a wedding photo at my parents house'. Unfortunately Da wasn't there to see it, but my sister-in-law, a speech pathologist, was witness. Last night, inspired by her older cousins, she began to babble consonant syllables with frequency (instead of just singing, or screaming, with gusto). This morning she was a babbling brook. She said "Da" to her Da! It was so awesome I wasn't even offended she hasn't said "Ma."

She's been waving for two weeks or so, and this weeks my parents finally cracked the "so big" nut. Right now she only does it with one hand, and the gesture is slightly more like "about yea high" than "so big". But it is definitely "so cute."

Mr. SevPrez is finishing up his MSW and will be graduating in two weeks. I have to give him all the credit in the world, he found his passion managed to find a way to make grad school work while becoming a devoted father.

Not to be left out, I am marking a milestone myself. I am leaving the job I have held for the past decade. It was a great gig, but it's time for new challenges, new people, and a new environment. And -- bonus -- no more interstate commute. It feels like our lives are moving in the right direction. Cheers to that.


Pops said...

Cheers, indeed.

Don't forget that your practically perfect Pippa began standing -- look Ma, no hands! -- last week.

Avital Weiss said...

can't wait to see the three of you,
much love!