Sunday, July 22, 2012


Today my niece came over to make dip-dyed curtains with me. I've seen the trend here and there. Lots on pinterest and at Anthropologie, the bastian of overpriced bohemian style, a set of dip-dyed panels are on sale for $188.

I can honestly say that this project was proof perfect that bloggers are liars. Everything is easy, quick and neat. And edited. This project was a beast! Had we more experience with fabric dye the end product would have more clearly matched our vision, but we were happy with the end product. Still, it was a two-lady job that involed cleaning of buckets, boiling of large pots of water, stringing of make shift clotheslines, hosing down of bleeding drapes, dumping of dark pools of water in far corners of our lawn. We probably used 14 pairs of latex gloves. And still got drips of indigo dye all over our bodies. Still, it was fun. So fun that we dip-dyed one of Baby SevPrez's onesies, tie-dyed a set of old pillow cases, and threw in a bracelet just for fun.

Here's a photographic chronicle of our dyeing adventures.


We rigged up quite the scenario.

The sagging clothesline.


This is more how I envisioned the curtains looking.
Pretty cool though, we really liked the tie-dyed effect.
Here there are hanging up in our newly "Dark Teal" foyer.

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