Sunday, October 21, 2012

The European Makeover Continues...

Crazy boots, dramatic hat, neon jewelry, sparkly sweaters. Picked up the sweaters at a store called Reserved, while the rest was found at good old H&M. Sure we have it back home, but being here brings out another side of my identity.

Now to fit it all in my suitcase!!

Went to their T.J. Maxx, T.K. Maxx here. It was a madhouse! I was able to understand how people who don't like T.J. Maxx back in the states feel.


Anonymous said...

You should start a new blog called 'Shopping Abroad'.
Love it all. Can't wait to see you rocking it all in person.


sevprez said...

today i wore the boots and about half way through the day got a little self conscious. i forget that not every european dresses like a rockstar. i got a few looks in the corporate environment i was in. but i saw one chick rocking a sweat pencil skirt outfit and thought i was on the same page as her. reminded me of us -- sometimes you are rocking a look at the office, others you are wearing sneaks and a T. it's all good.