Sunday, March 24, 2013

Half Way There

Training for my second marathon this May in Sugarloaf, Maine. After feeling like I didn't have any time to run and conduct my life, I registered for the race knowing that since it was something I really wanted to do, I would create the time to train. And that's what has happened, with the support of my family (someone's got to pick up my slack around the house).

The biggest revelation so far is that's how life works: in the immortal words of my brother "What you want to do, is do what you want." Also: I can get out the door at 6:30am to run, even in the snow, something I previously believed to be impossible. Who knew?

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Pops said...

The hardest part of the marathon, any marathon, is getting to the starting line.

It pleases me greatly that when you step off that line, I'll be there. And who knows, maybe I'll run the last few miles with you, again. In any case, I'll be ready, and I'll be there. It's what I want to do.