Monday, April 8, 2013


We were outside in the glorious Northeast spring weather weeding our garden beds and plotting our next moves, when I started pulling down the crazy vines that threaten to suffocate our 15 foot arbor vitaes. Baby SevPrez was pretty excited about this move, even more so when I started making a wreath out of the tamed vines in the yard. I kept telling her to show her daddy how impressive her mom's skills were. I believe I referred to myself as a modern day Betsy Ross... Bear Grylls?! Daniel Boone? Martha Stewart? Somewhere in that area.

Truthfully I was inspired by my mother, who once made a dozen small wreaths for use as the craft at my birthday party. Back in the day, we didn't go to Michaels, we went rogue. To the park! With our own bare hands.  From scratch! No wires, nada. They would end up being decorated by all my elementary school friends and transformed into holiday wreaths.

One of the best parts of motherhood is showing off mom-magic tricks that once blew your mind as a kid. Reliving the most special moments of your own life from the other side is just one of the gifts your child gives you -- true transcendence.


Anonymous said...

Love. That's all.


MWD said...

Hope someday Baby SP is making grapevine wreaths to wow her little one. Only then you can know how you've made my day!