Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January News

January, folks! A few things.

I got my hair cut like the Campbell Soup girl!

I have also gotten Keira Knightley (?) and Amelie. I hadn't thought of that, but I'll take it.

I'm using the YouCurl (a recommendation from a friend with great hair) to give my new 'do a little something and I can't believe I'm actually using a "styling tool" to do my hair. It's a new year, people!

Also, we had an amazing birthday party for my mom. Unbelievably, she turns 70 this year. My brother hosted the party at his new house, an old beauty built while we were still under British occupation. All her favorite people were there and it was an amazing feeling to, as her three kids, be able to throw her a party with everything and everyone she loves. As she said, "Most people have to die to get something like this."

And, if you are keeping track of my birthday resolutions, I told a story in tribute to my mom at the party and it brought the house down. So that's one point for storytelling.

I ordered three novels that I am committed to reading this year! I read a great New Yorker profile on "chick-lit" author Jennifer Weiner, who is railing against sexism in the literary sphere. I still wouldn't want to read her novels, as I'm kind of a literary snob (really, I just enjoy good writing enough to get mad at cliched writing) but I appreciated her wit, snappiness, and ballsiness. The article mentioned two novels about female protagonists by female writers that have gotten "mad respect" as the kids like to say, so I ordered them both, and one more to boot, and that's something I'll be doing in 2014.

How Should A Person Be, by Sheila Heti

The Flamethrowers, by Rachel Kushner

Telex from Cuba, by Rachel Kushner

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