Friday, May 9, 2014

Growing Up

Time is a vortex that presents fleeting moments of clarity. All of the sudden my daughter three feet tall, going tinkle on the potty, and taking showers all by herself. It seems like it happened all in a week. We were getting nowhere and then BAM! She grew so much in a moment.

Then I trimmed her hair ever so slightly one day to reduce the tangles. Then I cut her bangs. A watershed moment. She now looks so much like me at that age. She lost her baby face. She's a kid. For all intents and purposes, she might as well be three. Six? Twelve? It's crazy.

Another thing. We are house shopping, and trying to have an open mind, so we've looked at a lot of properties in a lot of towns. Some houses I refer to as "grown up houses," not for me. Someone could have a nice life here, but not me. A perfectly perfect house, with all the bedrooms, closets, appliances, and bathrooms a sensible person would need. But I'd be living someone else's life.

We found a dream home for a great price. An estate home. After a few false starts, we went under contract and into attorney review. Then, at 4:45pm on a Friday, their lawyer sent a letter via email to my realtor canceling contract. I was so looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day triumphantly with our new house all queued up, that it's a bit of a let down. But that's the way the real estate cookie crumbles. We'll live to fight another day on Monday and see what the lawyers have to say.

More updates as we get them. Cross your fingers.

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