Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Do Love A Holiday That Celebrates Red Hearts.

Was up til 2 a.m. last night making last minute valentines for my family. I was really kidding myself that there'd be no valentines this year. 

One thing I discovered that will make my life much easier in the future is that rubber cement works well for adhering felt to paper. You can brush it right onto the paper and avoid any felt fluff in your brush. A huge improvement over the white craft glue I used to make my felt Christmas Ornaments.

Planning to distribute them this evening at my niece's 10th birthday party. Happy Birthday to the Valentine baby (well, she's really not a baby anymore is she? Double digits!) and Happy Valentines Day to the rest of us!


Pops said...

As a recipient of a card ... I can say it was great! Perfect! Better even than chocolate.

Garima Pal said...