Friday, February 13, 2009

Recession-Proof Flowers

It's winter. You should not be without flowers to cheer up your house. But I get it, fresh cut flowers in your bathroom are a luxury, right? I always shy away from picking them up at the grocery store if I feel I've put in a full week of spending too much money. The 3-bunches-for-$10 deal seems really expensive when I am nursing retail or restaurant guilt.  

Still, some flowers are a fantastic investment. Make that your mantra when you feel you can do without a little floral excitement. I bought four bunches of flowers for my mother's birthday party -- a combination of daisies and yellow and white spider mums -- and they still look fantastic. I bought them on January 24th, people! These flowers have been living in my house for three weeks, with not even a petal shed! I haven't even recut them or changed the water. I just add a little water when I remember. 

I was going to ask for flowers for Valentine's Day, but how can I get rid of my cheery yellow and white arrangements? My house is literally full of them. At this point, I am like Kramer driving on E -- I have to see how long they will live, so I will not toss them until they are wilted beyond recognition!


MA said...

I had read somewhere once that if you are having a party and are really pressed for time, you should clean your bathroom until it sparkles and place fresh flowers in it. When one of the guests is taking a break form the party and "freshening up", they will see how clean the bathroom is, see that you were so well organized that you had time for fresh flowers there and be really impressed. So . . . if you are short on time (or have no inclination to clean), the bathroom is where the flowers belong!

Erin said...

I bought flowers for a holiday party mid-December and they lasted well past New Year's. Loves it.

And I like MA's idea of flowers in the bathroom.