Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celebrating Mom

This was a big weekend. My mother turned 65 on Friday and we gathered the entire family together for dinner on Saturday -- all the kids, the grandkids, the aunt and uncle and cousins and baby cousins. It was good times in close quarters.

We fit everyone at one long table for dinner, Aunt Rose Thanksgiving style. Keep adding tables and place settings and eventually everyone will fit. A good mantra to have.

And it worked! Here we are!

I always say that if it wasn't for invitations and other paper products, I wouldn't host so many parties. They get me so excited. I had a lot of fun looking through all the family photos to find the best shots for my place cards. I scanned the old pictures, downloaded a polaroid template, fitted and cropped all the snapshots, and added each guest's name with a Sharpie. They were a big hit.

The kids played with my president statuettes, and even brought their own addition, our newest presidential action figure. Talk about big hits -- I think Barack Obama had the fifteenth seat at our table.

We had cake and ice cream and Mom opened all her gifts. My nieces gave her great handmade presents, and there was lots of presidential paraphernalia to admire. Love of the presidents runs in the family, like most things do. Lots of new memories were made, and as our family grows, I think we all look forward to many more big, crowded, hot, sweaty parties. I know I do.

For the entire party photo album, click here.

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Jim said...

Great Party! Was great for us all to be together to celebrate Mom's birthday. Felt like Orno South. Food was awesome. I think that I convinced myself that it was Thanksgiving so I could have 4 helpings of everything.