Friday, January 2, 2009

Chariots Afire

First breakthrough of the year: while dusting my husband on the way back from a run on New Year's Day (What's that? He's one-kneed you say? I say I take no prisoners, and no excuses) I realized that it has actually been a solid year of running for me. No injuries, no lazy spells. That sounds like a good base to me. I'm healthy, I'm pretty fit, and I'm ready for a purpose again, so I'm going to do the New Jersey Half Marathon in May. 

The best part about the Jersey Half? No motels, no travel time, home field advantage, and the 12th man

It's been awhile since I've taken on a half, my favorite of all distances, and in the mean time, my dad has been breaking the sound barrier in all sorts of races, including two marathons. He'll be joining me on May 3rd, and I'm sure he'll finish about 20 minutes faster than me. I should mention that he is 30 years older than me... At least I have good genes.

I have finally abandoned Coach Hal Higdon, and am going with this program from Runner's World. I even made my own color coded spread sheet and everything. 

Are there any other takers? I think 3 runners = team t-shirts...


ld said...

Go DDH! Your father might smoke you, but you'll do great. I'm sure of it!

lisa b said...

D squared! saweet goal! good luck with the training. enjoy. it'll be great!