Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolving To Be Up to Something

On Monday my brother did me the favor of asking me what I will be up to in 2009. What a nice way to put it. New Year's Resolutions don't inspire me much. Don't they just sound like things that are born on January 1 and are meant to die sometime before mid-February?  And why rely on the New Year to resolve to do something that you've either always wanted or never wanted to do?

Excited to answer my brother, I followed his lead and listed my priorities for the new year. All of these things are currently in my life, but I eagerly look forward to working towards new and exciting developments in each area.
  • Inner Peace
  • Health (Going to the dentist and the dermatoligst, taking a multivitamin, keeping up with the exercising: maybe this is where I am hiding my resolutions...)
  • My Marriage
  • Family
  • Laughing
  • Blogging! (Writing, Photographing, Crafting, Baking, Cooking, Racing, Designing)
  • Being a Sophisticated Lady
I intend to refer to this list both when I'm on a roll and when I'm in a rut. 

While thinking up this big list, I let my mind race around until it got to the Department of Wildest Dreams. One of my wildest dreams in life is to have my own platform to reach a lot of people. This is probably why I get so excited about this blog, and why I so want it to grow. But what if I had a TV show? That'd be big. Then I looked at my 2009 list and saw it all materialize: If I am on TV I will have to be a svelte, sophisticated lady, with good skin and teeth, a sharp wit, great composure, and a strong support system to get me through the tough shooting schedule. See how it all fits together? Like Magic.

So, lovely readers, what's out there for you in 2009? Or, as the late great Mary Oliver put it, "Tell me, what is is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Happy New Year to all!

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