Monday, December 29, 2008

The Place To Be

Looking for something to do on New Year's Eve's Eve? I know you are, since most of you seem to be vacationing this week. Look no further than the Brickwall, in Asbury Park. The newly formed band So Watt will be making their debut with three (count them three!) sets of hits. 

I love to boogie-down, but the real reason for my enthusiasm is that my brother is the drummer. A drummer as a teenager (and maybe beyond? I was a wee young lass back then), he dusted off his drumsticks early in 2008, and has been working hard as of late to end the year with a bang. (Ba-dum-ching!) 

My other brother, a singer-songwriter, will be sitting in with So Watt for five songs. Some originals, some classic covers. 

I have always been quite content to dance around in appreciation of the musicality of these guys, but judging from the my enthusiasm for the new Rock Band for Wii, I may have to get it on this action. Maybe I will ask my nieces if they want to be in a band with me. We had already discussed forming a dance troupe, so I think they'll be game...

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Jim said...

Wow D! You are increadible. Thank You. We are going to have a rockin good time. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow night.