Sunday, December 14, 2008

Felt Ornaments

Every year I intend to make ornaments as gift add-ons: 2008 is the year I finally succeeded. Martha Stewart is a good place to go for inspiration, but I always end up paging through her magazine or clicking through the website thinking, these projects are far too exacting. Where is the Christmas joy, you know?

Felt ornaments seemed to be Martha's easiest and most rewarding project, but they required printing templates, which, in my book, is inherently lame. Yet I knew I had a bunch of felt in my crafting drawer (yes, I have a crafting drawer! 2 points for the suburbs) leftover from an aborted pillow project (I still think I can make those for far less than $200 --someone let me know if they are interested), so I decided to let my creative cider mull and wait for an idea come to me.

And then it hit me -- letters! Specifically, the initials of the recipients' family names. Low and behold, it turns out I have four B families in my life! That really made things quick and easy. I still have aspirations to make an H, and a couple other letters (maybe a D and some Ws?), but for now, I am just happy to have completed a Christmas Craft. I'm off now to sew a loop in the top so they are ready for hanging. 

And today, while trimming our tree, I was reminded that my very crafty Grammy made some felt ornaments in her day, too. I think replicating these will be something for next year. 


Renu said...

am i a 'b' family??? i hope so. love those. and the grammy/grandma ornaments!! fantastic. i should post some that bmom and bgrands did as well...i think knitting and cross-stitching are due for a revival.

MarkBonj said...

And, just letting you know, our "B" looks great on the tree. Thanks for giving us a new keepsake.