Friday, August 28, 2009

Grilled Figs Courtesy Of My Friend In California

Got a hot tip from my dear friend who is currently studying in Nothern California where the dinner parties are plentiful and the produce is always on point: grilled figs with goat cheese and honey. Having never seen figs in my local Stop & Shop, I quickly snapped up some black figs at Delicious Orchards, a great source for high quality produce of both the rare and pedestrian variety.

I cut the figs in half, grilled them skin side down for a few minutes, until they started to look juicy, then spooned a little plain goat cheese on each fig, topped with a lot of fresh black pepper, and drizzled some honey over the whole plate. Delicious, and suitable for an appetizer or dessert!

Next time I'll have to get my friend to tell me more about her mom's specialty, Devils On Horseback -- dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in bacon. I haven't had the courage to try to make them myself, though I am always available to eat them!


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fig fan. Someone at my office actually has a tree in her yard. Also, you can buy them at Wegmans. I will definitely try your concoction!


sevprez said...

How does your coworker's fig tree do? I would love to have one but wondered if they would do well in our climate.

Anonymous said...

I will ask her. I have an acquaintance in Wanamassa who half digs out the tree each year, lays it one its side and covers it with soil in order to weather the winter. Too much work in my book. Let's see what the Wayside person suggests (big temperature difference between the two sides of 35!!)