Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Summer Weekend

Saturday I made a plum pie to bring to my friend's barbeque, but the dough was a little dry (started with too much flour) so instead of rolling out a second pie shell I made plum pielets. The crust to fill ratio was killer.

Sunday, after going to the private opening of my mom's new museum exhibit, I stopped at Delicious Orchards on the way home for some tomatoes and good bread for our gourmet BLT dinner. It was relatively empty for Delicious Orchards standards, so I had time to stop, smell, and buy some flowers. I love these guys, they are so gorgeously wild and even dry well. Anyone know what they're called?

Sonny likes them too.


Anonymous said...

uuummmm plum pielets...yes please!
Friendly looking purple flowers...yes indeed!
Friendly looking purple flowers AND Sonny too?...Thats the best thing I've seen all day!!

Peggy D. said...

Thanks for the plug and the link to the Museum article. Cablevision's Channel 12 was there today and it will be featured on their news tonight. (Thanks, too, for finding the typo!)

blankinbehl said...

those pielets AND your living room look SICK! very magazine-worthy.