Friday, November 5, 2010

Visions Of P.C.B.

I'm obsessed with the Waffle House. There is one on either side of where we are staying, probably 100 yards right or left. They are so iconic, and I love the lettering. I hope they never update their look. We plan on going on Sunday after the race for some really greasy food. Chicken fried steak has been invoked.

The gulf is beautiful. Happy to report no traces of oil. I went in yesterday after a tough run. Just took off my shoes, socks, visor, and t-shirt and went in. The water is warmer than the air, it was like a bath. This must have been the most liberating thing I've done in years. It was awesome. And the waves in the Gulf are just about the size I like. It is my kind of body of water. So glad BP didn't permanently destroy it. That would have been a shame.

Oh, and our cab driver told us that BP has been amazing at fulfilling claims. Seven to ten days and they FedEx you your check. And some people are getting more than they asked for. How about that for good news?

Here is the sunset we watched last night from our room. New vacation criteria: let's go places we can see amazing sunsets, because we don't see enough sunsets.


Anonymous said...

That sure is some sunset! Great picture and great to hear you're having such a good time.


blankinbehl said...

good luck to kris this weekend! love the waffle house when i go to the south as well. the lettering is classic.

so glad you are enjoying the gulf! and swimming oil-free!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so nice. Remember that time we went into the water on the Jersey shore and it became deep like 3 feet in and we got clobbered by the violent waves?!!! We stayed in for maybe 2 minutes, gave each other a look and promptly returned to our beach towels. lol!