Monday, October 25, 2010

Seven More Questions

In our second installment of Seven Questions I picked the brilliant technicolor brain of one of my best friends, Renu. She is a fabulous Manhattan dwelling friend, wife, professional, and mom-to-be! In fact the present wrapped in December paper in my last post was a gift for her growing bean, who is due in December!

Q 1. What's something you wish more people knew?
A 1. Their blood type. I can never seem to remember mine.

Q 2. Current sources of inspiration? (Books, websites, movies, music, people, places, food)
A 2. Elle Decor for aspirational living spaces, Garance Dore for clothes/style, Papercrave for paper/design inspiration, fffound as well, 'Lagerfeld Confidentiel' for Karl Lagerfeld's direct quotes and comic relief, 'Casino' has been visually inspiring for me since high school, Alexa Chung for style, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg for career inspiration, tomato cheddar soup from Hale and Hearty to warm you up, the blue seas around Tobago for brilliant color.

Sam Rothstein takes a smoke break.

Alexa Chung's cat eyes.

Q 3. What did you want to be when you grew up? What do you do now?
A 3. My mom reminds me that my first proclaimed aspiration was to be a 'doggie doctor.' I am the farthest thing from a vet. Just took a new job in finance (my background) and will be taking on the job of a lifetime (being a mama) in December! 

Q 4. When you look back on your first love, how do you think your idea of love has changed or stayed the same? What have you learned from then to now?
A 4. Changed: Love doesn't have to be rife with barriers and sacrifice. When it is the right person, things will flow and it will come together and just work, unobstructed. Stayed the same: It is perfectly OK to be infatuated with your partner, even after 5.5 years!

Q 5. What is your biggest weakness? (Spiritual, disciplinary, dietary)
Q 5. Inability to commit to an exercise routine. Ever.

Q 6. Three things you want or are working toward in your future?
Q 6. A house. A creative enterprise at some point. A kick-ass family of my own to add to the two families I already have.

Q 7. And finally, for my records, 
chocolate/chocolatechocolate/vanilla,  vanilla/vanilla or other (please specify)? (This is helpful in case I am ever bringing you dessert).
A 7. With regards to cupcakes? Vanilla with vanilla icing! Or carrot with orange vanilla icing! Or vanilla with chocolate icing! You decide. [OK, hummingbird cupcakes! Since you introduced me to them!]


blankinbehl said...

i feel famous!

marge said...

what a wonderful mommy she will make!

Anonymous said...

Renu: You are famous!

Seven Presidents: Don't know how to tell you that I love the new sketch!


sevprez said...

thanks marianne! i am really excited about the new header. it's so much more personal. going to make a few other tweaks to blog in the coming days!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the mommy to be! I just get Renu's autograph next time I see her!
I too love the new touches on the blog. I made an "oooh lala" sound (in a good way) when I saw it. :)