Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Keeping The Doctor Away

Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to fill my sketchbook with things I want for my future when I'm not the most technically proficient illustrator. I have a lot of big ideas that I can't figure out how to represent on the page. In instances when I solve the riddle of how to work with my skill level, it makes me very happy.

Click for full size.

Yesterday I woke up sick, after running an awesome half marathon on Sandy Hook. I think one of the ROTC kids working the aid stations must have had a cold and passed it along with the gatorade. As unpleasant as I feel, I'm really excited that my new favorite drawing came out of it. I'm also grateful that I had some beautiful apples left from apple picking with my favorite West Coaster. Sometimes everything comes together.

Oh, and the Pats won! All in all it was a good Monday, despite the head cold.


Anonymous said...

Okay. I waited thinking someone else would respond.

I think you sketch is wonderful. I love fall. I can smell the apples in your drawing.

Can I have an autographed, full color copy?


sevprez said...

This can certainly be arranged. : )