Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Page Out Of My Book

My sketchbook, that is, which I am filling with things I'm looking forward to in my future.

So far all my drawings are in blue ballpoint pen, which appeals to me because it screams "amateur," a label I embrace. I have spent the last two nights adding color with my vast collection of colored pencils, which I have accrued over a life time from who knows where. I think a lot of the sets were presents, so thanks, friends and countrymen. I decided as much as I enjoy the blue and white aesthetic, it's probably much more interesting for the reader if it's colorful.

Speaking of interesting, I am in complete awe of Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections art. I added her blog to my sidebar, so hopefully she updates on a regular basis. You can purchase her prints on Etsy for $40. A cheap price to pay for magic. I would really love to ask for one for my birthday but I can't decide if it's really creepy. Check it out and get back to me on that one.

After I was done coloring I spent a good bit of time sharpening my pencils, which I probably do once a year. (When they get really dull they just go out of rotation.) Looking forward to a sharp start next time I get colorful!

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