Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reclaiming Our Wood Floors

I have jokingly been referring to the wood floors we unearthed in our living room as "Brooklyn industrial chic." You know, as if we were living in some amazing loft carved out of an old ship factory or something. But from here on out they'll be called "reclaimed." 

Apparently beat up looking wood floors are all the rageThey are all over Remodelista.


Ours are beat up not from years of bearing heavy duty machinery and laborers, just from spending the better half of a century covered with carpet and two layers of linoleum. There's some glue issues we need to address, etc., but overall they are way cooler than the splotchy taupe wall-to-wall we inherited.

We have been toying with the idea of sanding them down and painting them (white, in my wildest dreams), since staining them will just emphasize the fact that we've got two different woods going on (apparently there was a wall down the middle of the room in a past life. Now I'm thinking maybe we should just sand them down and leave them! It seems to be the thing to do. 

I had been in a hurry to find a cheap area rug or two, but now I realize I should take my time and find the perfect solution, instead of shelling out less money on a temporary piece that we'll want to upgrade later on. Learning things from Katy Elliott. If she can live through her renovation, I can certainly this through this.



Anonymous said...

I'm sure white floors would be pretty, but I'm really feeling the multicolored floor boards au natural!

I guess we can discuss in person in t - 3. Can't wait!

sevprez said...

and i hear you got a new place as well. i want to see pics so we can discuss the design possibilities of your space! xoxo