Monday, December 20, 2010

Scrumptious & Easy

I found the "recipe" for these chocolate pretzel cookies on the Swallowfield blog, and the author described the ease with which they are made by saying "the hardest part is unwrapping the kisses, seriously." With that, I forwarded the link to my sister-in-law and recommended we make them with my three and a half year old niece on Saturday night. 

They were a hit to make and to eat. My niece helped out with every step, which totally  included the runs-in-the-family "one for me, one for the cookie sheet" move. Once you put the chocolate on the pretzels, you just pop them in the oven for about two minutes at 350 degrees, which is just long enough for the chocolate to soften, but not long enough for the kisses to lose their shape. Once out, we smooshed M&Ms on top, then popped the plate of cookies into the freezer to cool for about ten minutes. 

It took us less time to eat the whole plate. Yum!!

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