Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

I'm sad this week is over, I've really been enjoying saying "happy new year!" to people, it's such a hopeful greeting to friends and strangers alike. One of my intentions for the new year was to be friendlier to strangers, so it's been nice to have a greeting in my pocket.
Charlie Brown tree #2

The Christmas tree came down on Friday. All the holiday decorations are packed away and the house is spotless. It'd been a while since every room in the house got a thorough scrub down, and I forgot how good it feels. I am loving my house right now, and only wish it would stay this way forever. Our cat Sonny, however, prefers a mess.

I got an email from the Sketchbook Project people. They were just reminding me that my sketchbook has to be postdated in less than two weeks. Meanwhile it hasn't seen the light of day since November. Whoops. I am going to try and fill some more pages this weekend.

I did manage to make this drawing for my niece's bedroom. Framed it in a big white Ikea frame and I'm told it's going above her bed, the ultimate honor. In case you're wondering, her name is Georgia. (We all live in NJ.)

My brother informed me this week that Georgia brought it to school with her on Wednesday, for show and tell, because the letter of the day was G! I nearly cried. 

And my friend and I are in talks to open a pop-up shop in Asbury Park... That's all you get for right now. Stay tuned for more details!

Promise to post more frequently! The holidays really got the best of me this year.

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Jon said...

Saw the drawing of my home state on FB, but didn't know you made it! Very cool...