Monday, January 24, 2011

The Barefoot Contessa Next Door

My mom's good friend and next door neighbor, and my most loyal reader, was kind enough to host a birthday brunch to celebrate my mother. It was a true feast. Usually brunches in my family are carb-fests, with the usual spread of bagels, homemade granola, and belgian waffles or popovers to order. But our host, being an intrepid and adventurous chef extraordinaire, filled her spread with quiche, and egg caserole, homemade turkey sausage, irish soda bread, zucchini bread, bread pudding, salad, fruit... well you get the idea. There were even appetizers to munch on while all of the hot food was being prepared.  

Some say our host resembles the Barefoot Contessa. She certainly rivals her excellence and ease in throwing great parties. As the party wound down, a stack of to-go containers appeared in the kitchen, next to all of the leftovers, and guests were urged to make a plate to bring home. What an excellent idea! 

My humble contribution was a hummingbird birthday cake, which everyone seemed to enjoy even though they were stuffed. I was particularly happy that Mr. SevPrez had two pieces, since he pledges such allegiance to yellow cake with buttercream icing that he tends to scoff at any other variety cake I make.

Party favors were sent home with each guest, having been lovingly made and crafted by a talented guest. Adorable custom bags were filled with chocolate Kisses with my mom's face on the bottom. They really made the party, and I know my mom was tickled pink. I think my next birthday wish will be to have life-long friends as caring and thoughtful as my mom's. Top quality I tell ya!


Peggy D. said...

What a party! What great food. Favors personalized just for me! The best family and friends in the world. Thank you all. I am blessed.

Pops said...

And we who are lucky enough to know you are blessed!

Anonymous said...

This sounds and all looks delicious! Happy birthday and much love to the Dellinger clan!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed - what lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing! Give your mom a great big birthday hug from me.