Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ye Olde Art Box

Some of these items have been with me since elementary school.

This weekend the paints came out, the first time since last winter if I'm being honest. I've decided paint, or gouache on paper specifically, is not my best medium. Whaddya know, I'm not the next Maira Kalman. Maybe trying it more than once a year would help. Still, I had fun once I lowered my expectations.

Since I have a thing for still-lifes, I painted butter. 
The butter actually looks pretty life like in photos!

While the first layer of yellow was drying, I painted the half of my gargantuan piece of coffee cake that I had yet to eat. It's a pretty abysmal representation. Let's just say I'm proud of myself that I finished it without giving up and eating the rest of the cake.

Last but not least, I made a birthday card for Mr. SevPrez in the style of Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co. She must have an impressive array of skinny brushes, and a lot of patience.
My main man turns 36 tomorrow.


blankinbehl said...

the butter looks totally edible. and i love the card! two for two!

Erin said...

Hello my creative friend,

The butter looks awesome!

I'm having an Oscar party and thought I'd pick your brain for ideas on what to serve. I think I'll do Pastry Swans for Black Swan. Maybe Marky Mark-aroni for The Fighter?

You can email me, my address is on my blog. Thanks for any help!


sevprez said...

i'm so bad under pressure! i will think the oscar food over. i am thinking tongue twisty cheese straws for the kings speech?

having seen true grit this weekend i think maybe its food should involve turkey, or something that causes one to fall asleep. what a snoozer!!!