Monday, May 2, 2011

Housework v. Homework

Mr. SevPrez is finishing up with his first year of grad school — hurray! With his internship complete, his papers turned in and only a few days of classes left, he's started to attack the very long list of things we need done around the house. Currently he's painting the upstairs bedrooms, taking them from what I intended to be a subtle, discreet shade of alabaster — in reality an ugly butter yellow that I've hated since the day it dried — to a discreet, soothing elephant shade of gray (Benjamin Moore's Harbor Gray, the green version that gives off no VOCs and therefore isn't scary to pregnant ladies like me). 

He made a huge dent in the project yesterday and it already looks 200 times better. I can't wait to see it today with all the trim work done. Pictures to come, but I am so happy to have my man about the house back that I thought we needed a new banner here at the Seven Presidents blog. And by "we" I mean I, I have just been very swept up with the royals, between being blindsided by my infatuation with the wedding (that Kate is just so charming and graceful) and watching "The Kings Speech" this weekend. It was a great movie. I'm still not sure it was The Best Picture, but it was definitely a great watch especially on the heels of the royal extravaganza. Also a great movie: "The Lives of Others." Two thumbs up from both me and the mister, which doesn't happen very often.


Anonymous said...

Yay to elephant grey!!! I am so excited to see the room with all it's soothing grey qualities...lovely!
And congrats to the mister for finishing year 1 and for diving right back in to the manly tasks!.

sevprez said...

i can't wait for you to see all the updates either! although there will be no place to sleep. (i think you are slightly too big for the crib.) : )