Friday, April 22, 2011

Need Some Sun?

This is what passes for a dose of sun for those of us suffering through April showers back East. I snapped it while walking to my car after work the other day. I had hoped for an unobstructed view of the clouds, but the nature of my NJ landscape got in the way. It's too bad I didn't get the silhouette of any egrets flying home to the lake after a long day. They're back! And you can really see them right now, as the budding leaves don't provide them much cover. Hopefully I'll capture them on film soon.

Before I forget, us Knicks fans could use you: pray for a playoff victory tonight! I'm trying to stay optimistic, but the last two games have reminded me what it's like to be a Knicks fan in the post season. Almost feels like the 90s! Still, if we could get just one playoff victory this year, I would consider it a successful season. The bar is low my friends.

And one more thing, here are this year's NYU tulips. I have to say, not as impressive as years past. But who can turn their cheek to any array of tulips? Not I, not I.

Have an excellent weekend. I plan on cleaning my house tomorrow (glamorous, I know, but I'm craving some order in my life, it's supposed to rain, and Mr. SevPrez is in the last weeks of school) and making a bunny cake on Sunday to bring to my mom's for Easter dinner. Hopefully it turns out well and you'll see the fruits of my work.

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