Sunday, September 16, 2012

Looks Good, Smells Great

In our gigantic landscaping project this summer we planted a lot of hydrangeas. Some were cast offs from the gardens of friends, some were gifts, and some were bought from our local nursery. Our gifted plants are so happy to have a loving home that they won't stop blooming. A plant that my brother gave me for Mother's Day is still producing new flowers. This abundance has allowed me to cut a stem here and there to bring the flowers inside. (One of my dreams in life is having a cutting garden so I don't have to have a guilty conscience.) To round out the arrangement I've been cutting basil flowers, which actually helps the plant grow. Can we all agree that fresh basil is The Best Smell In The World? Are there any perfumes with basil notes? Because I would wear them. And if not, why not? It's an outrage.

Also: somebody got her bangs trimmed. I did a sneak attack while she was playing (risky, I know) and then lured her to stay still in her chair with blueberries. I've cut my own bangs enough to be pretty confident in this area, even with an almost 14 month old squirmer. You can call me SuperMom. I'll turn my head.

Oh, and I have only been able to get her lace up Chuck Taylors on while she is sitting in her high chair. Toddlers really force you to think strategically.

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