Friday, September 14, 2012

The Next Generation Of Shoe Horse

And so it begins.

Now that the weather is cooling down it's time for Baby SevPrez to lace up. I haven't yet put her in the Cons myself, but I assume that at some point I'll get down tying her shoe laces (with a double knot) fast enough to get the job done before she runs away. The fact that my mom has done it several times so far is not all that encouraging... She is a baby whisperer and a magician. But I am her daughter, so there's some hope.

The little one has also been signing up a storm. "Open" is a particular favorite right now. It's interesting to see how she applies the concept of open to things you wouldn't think of. I try not to tell her too often, but I'm pretty sure she's a genius.

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Pops said...

I'm pretty sure you're right.