Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas Morning

We were really impressed with how engaged in opening presents the little one seemed to be. She joyfully plucked tissue paper from gift bags and, most notably, was really excited for all her new clothes. She really took a liking to her sequin sweatshirt (she's a Maxxinista for sure) and insisted she wear it over her fleecey footy pajamas. Mr. SevPrez thinks its because I wore a sequin shirt on Christmas Eve, but I think she's just a magpie like me.

She received two Fishers Price toys from her Mema, and they are like gold. I forget that FP exists, and sometimes I feel bad that my kid has a mom without a clue about fun kids stuff. But let me tell you, the few loud, flashy, plastic toys that we do have make a real impact. They almost trump all our real electronic devices. Almost.

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