Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Best Things That Happened To Us Today

When I asked my daughter before bed, she said "When we called Carly in the car ." (Carly is her awesome cousin who turns 16 today.) I should mention that today being Valentines Day, we had ballet class, went to the bakery, went shopping (got Frozen socks), went to a pizzeria for lunch, exchanged gifts, and played played played. Love is strong. 

When putting her to bed, we sang nursery rhymes together (usually I sing alone) she told me she was singing for the baby in my belly. Tear. 

She then asked me to leave and go get her dad because he's "comfy-cozy and doesn't breathe on me like you do." Them she said something about how I should take a shower in the morning because I smell, and eat a good dinner and get sleep so I have a lot of energy for Carly's birthday party. 

Parenthood is a mirror that tells no lies. 

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