Saturday, March 21, 2015

Frankie's Institute

Last week we went on a girls-only overnight trip to Philadelphia to visit the Franklin Institute in honor of my niece's 13th birthday. The big show stopping exhibit was The Art of the Brick, Lego artwork by Nathan Sawaya (an NYU graduate). For some reason I expected everything to be made out of legos -- the floor, the walls, the lights. Instead it was recreations of classic artwork and original lego sculptures. It was pretty cool, but when you are expecting a Lego house, it was slightly underwhelming.

It also had the effect of reminding me how much I love art museums. My favorite part about visiting the Franklin Institute with my mom, nieces (ages 16, 13, 7), and daughter was seeing how much the kids enjoyed all the interactive exhibits. Art museums don't always translate to a younger audience (no touching!). Still, next time we go back to Philly I plan on finally visiting the Art Museum or the Barnes Foundation. We can take the Pip for a lollipop and carousel ride after. 

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