Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Spring!

We missed you so! I really try hard not to complain about the seasons (they are all awesome -- just imagine life without seasons!) but we definitely hermitted ourselves for a good 6-8 weeks this winter. It's so reassuring when the clocks spring ahead, the sun gets a little stronger, and the grass is once again visible. 

We've been embracing springtime by getting ready for Easter. We got out the decorations, bought some fresh cut spring flowers, and dyed eggs. Pip was so excited, she was literally jumping up and down while moving the egg from color to color. I think it helped that there's a Curious George episode about egg-dying. 

My husband planted tomatoes from seed and they are coming up gangbusters. We have an orchid that looks like it's going to bloom in very near future. Life persists!!!

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