Friday, September 4, 2009

Chair Excitement

Sorry for the slow posting, I have been at home smiling at my new chairs. Well, they're not new, more like born again, thanks to the help of Lenny Piekarski at Jacob Piekarski & Son Upholstery. He special ordered my my dream fabric, sped over in his furniture ambulance and took my sad hand-me-down chairs to his chair hospital, and delivered them back to me in an almost unrecognizable state.

Here are my grandmother's chairs before. Note the general wordown appearance, saggy cushions, and cat claw damage (not from my cats, Rufus only likes to destroy carpets, knock on wood).

Here they are after visiting Lenny and being worked on by two Italian brothers and Lenny's 90 year old father. (Apologies for the poor lighting, I haven't picked out any new lamps to go with the new look.)

This is my favorite detail on the whole chair, the double piping around the leg. So sexy.

When I look at the fabric, it makes me feel like this.

Here's a little sneak peek at the rest of the room, which I will write about more as the last details come together.


Anonymous said...

They look beautiful as does the room. I couldn't even think about where this was and then got my bearings. Worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

makes me proud....


blankinbehl said...

utter fabulousness. what a before and after!