Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Goals For the New Year

It's hard to believe it is the end of the year, never mind the end of the decade. It didn't even occur to me until I started noticing all the "best of the 00s" lists going around... Sheesh. So much for the decade of my adulthood, which, as the New Yorker pointed out, still doesn't even have a convincing name. 

Anyway, as much as I don't think it makes very compelling reading, I am posting my list of endeavors for 2010 because I just looked back on my list for 2009 and I can honestly say I followed through on every one, and am a much happier, complete person as a result. So feel free to stop reading, my motivations are completely selfish!

Here, in a list of no particular order, are my big things to do in 2010:

1. Get my Spanish back. I used to be fluent. I used to dream in Spanish, and write papers and poetry in it. Now I can't get to two sentences with my brother-in-law (damn verbs!). And since the Venezuelan contingent is growing once more, and we are about to be outnumbered, and I figure it's wise to relearn the language of our conquerers. My approach will be to listen to Pimsleur tapes while I commute in the morning. Burning the CDs now. After that, maybe I'll get the entire Almodovar canon on Netflix. Subtitles off.

2. Appreciate my body. Love it because it keeps me alive. Feed it good food and water. Keep it strong and limber. This includes continuing my Saturday visits to the Power Center with Mr. SevPrez, and stopping at Whole Foods on our way home and to give them our Whole Paycheck. Bust through whatever health "situations" may or may not be going on with me right now with the help of my naturopath, my regular doctor, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive outlook.

3. Successfully organize and complete a grueling 20 plus mile run through Monmouth County. Have every participant finish, give them all cool t-shirts. More on Rule #1 Run to come. Also, do some more duathlons.

4. Re-caulk the tub, finish the trim upstairs (a project now going into it's 2nd year... sigh.)

5. Concentrate on family, however that shows up.

6. Keep writing, and keep sharing.


Pops said...

Reading your post, I'm inspired to set down on paper (digital paper) my own list, and immediately daunted by over-thinking. Press on regardless!

Anonymous said...

Great entry. Great goals. Great inspiration! Thanks! ; )

Tip: To help with the Spanish, I highly recommend tracking down the book '500 Spanish Verbs' Try to learn 1 verb (in all its tenses)each day. It only took 15 - 20 minutes out of my day and suprisingly it really helped me when I was in Argentina. You'll be amazed at how much you get out of something so simple! - Kaitlyn

sevprez said...

thanks for the tip! i will try and get my hands on that book.