Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rectifying The Situation*

The Canon PowerShot S90 will be coming home with me soon. It's been highly recommended to me by people in the know and when I walked over to Best Buy yesterday to check it out in person I was definitely pleased. It has a lot of manual features that I don't understand how to use yet, but I like the idea that I can grow into this camera. I'm really excited about the low light features, mostly because I want to improve my still-lifes for the blog. Yes, it has come to that! 

I was tempted to get a lighter weight, more compact camera after lugging around the Lumix DMC-TZ5 with 10x zoom, but I'd rather buy a camera that will take great pictures. That whole line of reasoning just makes me wish I had an iPhone so I could get the Toy Camera App. But I just can't use AT&T. I've seen their maps and it's not pretty.

*Apologies in advance if I keep referring to things as situations, I am currently in the grips of watching "The Jersey Shore" on MTV and guido lingo is permeating my being.

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