Monday, May 3, 2010

The Flux of Stuff

Two Saturdays ago I managed to participate in a town-wide garage sale without buying anything of anyone else's. I was pretty impressed with myself.

When my friend asked me if I had anything to bring to her sale, I jumped at the chance, thinking of all the things in my gigantic garage (oh yeah, I have a tiny house and a gigantic garage, have I ever told you that?). I was pretty disgusted with all the things that have been sitting in there for as long as two and a half years, still in boxes from when we moved from Brooklyn. I packed my car to the gills in the morning, and swore I none of it would ever come back. Still, I enjoyed my time so much at the garage sale that I haven't been able to bring myself to donate my leftover possessions. I'm considering setting up a corner of the garage for future sales. 

I did manage to barter a really cute tray of mine for a really cute sundress (with the tags still on!). Aside from the excellent company, that's definitely the upside of having a garage sale with like-minded individuals!

There was one new item that ended up in my garage at the end of the day — a clawfoot tub. It just so happened that Saturday was also the day that my brother the architect called us over to a beautiful old house he was working on to pick through the items that were removed from the house. We got a great dishwasher for our kitchen reno (which hasn't started yet, I'll keep you posted), but I couldn't leave without the tub. I'm hoping it will eventually replace our funny green tub in our funny little bathroom that we don't currently have the money to redo. Until then, maybe I can use it to store various items that are waiting to be sold in the next tag sale. 

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Erin said...

I love the tub. I had a friend who put a piece of glass on top of a cool antique tub and used it as a coffee table. So cool.