Friday, May 28, 2010


I think I can finally talk about it, the epic LOST finale. It was a doozy. Tears were shed (VINCENT!!!). Jate happened. I wasn't one of those people who falsely believed that everything on the island didn't actually occur (only the sideways timeline was purgatory, folks!), so I was satisfied with the ending, even if it did take me 24 hours to process.

I watched the finale event with my very good friend who aided and abetted my recently acquired LOST obsession by giving me a 45 minute amazingly detailed series synopsis back in February. And although our get together doesn't technically qualify as a LOST party — we didn't have a Dharma Initiative cake or anything — I did try and go with the theme a bit. We had margaritas (I'll take any excuse) with umbrellas, vegan tacos (because we probably wouldn't have been able to stomach hunting for our own boar), and of course, mangos with lime juice and chili powder. I think a mango was eaten in every episode. 

Oh and I picked some honeysuckle vines from our hedge so we could have floral arrangements evocative of the jungle!

I watched the end of the finale again the other night and was literally weeping. Jack, I'll miss you buddy.

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Anonymous said...

Those mangos on that plate say it all!!!!! Thanks for the amazing lost playdate. Wouldn't have wanted to watch the finale any other way!! Oh and your kitchen rocks my world. :)