Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holy Matrimony

Today is our third wedding anniversary. May 12th was the day we got engaged. In a week or two it'll be the anniversary of our first date, though neither of us can remember exactly when it was, because the twinkles in the eyes had started a few weeks prior. 

As I get older, I need a lot of inspiration to write a poem. Luckily, a six week period of springtime love will do the trick. I wrote this one for the mister.

Early May and June

This is our time,
A reassurance that there are some
sensations I will never forget.
The sun coming back,
the heat,
the trees, their leaves, the natural world.
This is the time that we found
each other —
we confirmed each other.

In eighty years I know
even if I don't remember who I am,
I will see the particular neon green bouquet of maple buds,
and hear the playoffs whistling in a room
down the hall of my convalescence,
and I will return spring of our courtship,
when we were lucky enough to gleam a future
in each other's eyes.

(c) 2010.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. SevPrez.

Photo by RBB.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. love you mr & mrs sevprez. always, sharon

Anonymous said...

wow that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!