Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fiesta Fit For A Peach

I love my nieces; I love paper goods (not equally — does that mean I should have used a regular colon?). Combining the two makes sense, so I eagerly volunteered my services to my sister-in-law for my littlest niece's third birthday party. It's really fun to plan for an indoor/outdoor summer shindig for a change. I found these DesignSponge images irresistable, and used them as a jumping off point for the peach's party.

We picked fun colors and I made fringy invitations. (Sensitive information whited-out.)

Friday I assembled some fun banners to adorn the house and the deck. (I also love banners! Look at these Mexican party banners! One day I will come up with an excuse to buy them.) I was going through some old Martha Stewart Living issues before throwing them out and saw these guys, which are pretty close to our colors. Ole! (You'll notice that both the DesignSponge and Martha pieces feature margaritas... I'm so predictable. )

On a side note, can we agree that there's nothing better than a party at home full of friends and family? Catered events at swanky places are always beautiful, don't get me wrong. But relaxed, home-spun affairs are top-notch. If you're having a great time, no one is going to kick you out. You are free to while away the hours playing Pin the Tail on the Bebop, agonizing over the World Cup, and eating a second lunch.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for seeing this Fiesta bash before it even happened. i love you.