Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pie Piper

On Memorial Day we attended my aunt's Lobsterfest again. More good times were had and lobsters were eaten, even despite a few thundershowers. 

This year I really wanted to show my enthusiasm for the party and my gratitude for being on the guest list, so I brought two pies, one peach and one strawberry-rhubarb. Last year there was a duel for the last piece of peach pie, which is very flattering, but there's nothing worse than having to box people out in order to get some dessert. After cutting the pies into 12 pieces, I encouraged people to have a small piece of each. Then I encouraged seconds. And then they were gone. I will always enable people's sweet teeth when it comes to my homemade desserts. Like life, homebaked delciousness is fleeting. Seize the dessert cart.

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