Friday, March 11, 2011

Friars' Bakehouse

I was finally able to stop into the Fransican Friars' Bakehouse in Bangor, ME.  They are only open for a few hours a few days a week, the rest of the time they spend praying and doing other friarly things. But let's all take a minute and praise the lord for the friars' delicious goods. They make excellent bread and whoopie pies.

My aunt gave me a recipe book with their whoopie pie recipe in it. Now that I've tasted one and I know what I'm going for, it's safe to say I will soon be making whoopie -- pies. Maybe they'll even make it to a Stolen Goods table!


Anonymous said...

i know your whoopie pies will be equally as good or even better - i dare to say - don't want to upset the friars - they did win a whoopie award in this state!

keep baking - we love it!

sevprez said...

i am still in the research stage and will keep you posted when i've completed my first pies. perhaps next time i visit i'll bring my own whoopie pies!